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Looking to achieve greater organizational success?  First you need to understand 

giraffe-in-business-attire_2Doctor Dialogue recommends this Rx from Listen Hear to cure this inclination within your team. Once affected by HEARD INSTINCT, only creative, interesting and interactive prescriptions have been found to be effective:

  • An understanding of how and why humans communicate 
  • The roles of self-perception, the perception of others and identity management
  • The nature, impact and ambiguity of language in communication
  • Active Listening: Components and challenges
  • The characteristics, functions and types of nonverbal communication
  • Mediated communication vs. face-to-face communication
  • Communication climates within businesses and organizations
  • The role of emotions: What influences them, how we express them and how to control them
  • Avoiding Groupthink
         Could your business or organization benefit from customized and facilitated training sessions such as these?  
Doc Dialogue thinks so. Listen Hear sessions probe deeply into critical communication areas. For workshops in leadership or more effective management communication, contact us to discuss your training needs.  We will customize the sessions that work best for YOU and your team. That’s a Rx for Success!